How Physicians Can Save Time and Money with Transcription +

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If there is one thing that almost all physicians run out of, it is time. There simply aren't enough hours in the day to get everything completed on a day-to-day basis. This is especially true when physicians have to spend precious time writing in patient files.
There is a way in which physicians can save time and money. By using a transcription service, doctors don't have to have anyone else in the room or evening listening to a patient and physician conversation. Please keep reading if you'd like to learn more about saving time and money with audio transcription notes.

Physicians and Patient Privacy

There's no doubt that patient privacy is of the utmost concern to both patients and their physicians. If physicians use a service that transcribes audio notes into a patient's medical chart, it adds a sense of trust between them and their doctor. It also allows physicians to give all of their attention to their patients.
Patients gain extra communicative attention because doctors don't have to keep looking down to jot notes or record details about their medical condition and treatment. Services that transcribe audio notes from physicians into a patient's medical chart in an easy, timely, and user-friendly manner leave little room for errors to occur. What's more, they are also very cost-efficient.

Time Saver Machine

When using a transcription service like Transcription +, the physician only needs to record his audio notes. They don't need any special or additional equipment like other speech to text transcription services. With Transcription + the physician can simply use an everyday item they have on them, their smartphone. Once the audio file is sent to us, one of our highly trained medical scribes will transcribe the physician's dictations into their EMR per the physician's notes.
All the physician has to do is record the audio and send it to the transcriber service. One of the most
intensive-time-consuming tasks a physician has to perform every day is administrative tasks like scribing.

Save Me Time and Money

Most doctors don't realize it, but when they dictate a chart note, they are provided with more accurate and detailed patient charts if they send it to a transcriptionist. However, paying someone an hourly rate can drive up the cost if the physician is not fully utilizing the service. By paying per completed chart, physicians are provided with a way to spend that saved time on what they were trained to do.
Increasing office productivity by not having to take care of administrative tasks physicians will be able to see more patients in the same amount of time. When working with the right scribing or transcription service, the cost ends up being paid for by seeing one extra patient a day.

Physician Transcribing is Effective and Efficient

Services like Virtual Physician Scribes use highly-trained scribes with expertise transcriptionist skills leave little room for errors. Reach out to Virtual Physician Scribes when you want to use a transcription service that is effective and efficient. What's more Virtual Physician Scribes make it easier for physicians to review medical charts and find crucial information they need for patient consultations.
Every physician can benefit from accuracy in charting notes and detailed information in their patient file. Virtual Physician Scribes provides you with transcribers with superior experience and skills. Give yourself the same care and consideration you give your patients and reach out to Virtual Physician Scribes, so you chart your own course in saving money and time.

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