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The physician connects with the scribe before they start seeing patients. During the visit, the scribe will take detailed notes in real-time off the exam room's conversation. These knowledgable scribes are vital to have charts completed within 1-3 minutes after the visit is complete. The services integrate into whatever EMR used.


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Transcription + involves doctors sending us their dictations at their convenience and our team scribing them within 12 hours. The doctor will dictate what he/she wants to be documented into the EMR and the scribe will follow his/her instructions.

TeleHealth Scribe

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TeleHealth is rapidly becoming more popular among physicians to treat patients remotely. The patient won't see the physician typing away on their computer while having a conversation by using VP Scribes. This service integrates with whatever TeleHealth Platform you currently use.

Data scribe

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Data-scribing includes non-live work with a 12 to 24-hour turnaround time. This method serves as a solution for doctors that still use paper charts needing to be translated into the Electronic Medical Record. We can to streamline your efforts via the EMR.

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Overworked physicians have a harder time giving their patients the care they deserve. With virtual physician scribes,
you can alleviate the daily clerical stresses of the electronic medical record.Our expert scribes are trained by doctors.

More face time with patients

Reduce time spent at a computer and start connecting with patients.

Focus less on EHR systems

Make the patient feel heard and provide higher quality care.

Endless Possibilities

From referral letters to documents, your scribe reduces the work.

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Increased satisfaction.

Physicians working with scribes report that they finish work earlier, are more satisfied with their career choice

Keep client information confidential.

Virtual Physician Scribes uses HIPAA compliant software to securely input and maintain patient data.

Positive impact on revenue

Scribes help increase efficiency, you can see more patients in a day

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