How Much Does a Medical Scribe Really Cost?

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Medical clinics and hospitals are always trying to find ways to improve their system. The solution can be as simple as hiring a medical scribe.
Scribes are currently used in more than 1,000 hospitals across 44 states. With the current advancements in scribing, it's not only more efficient but more affordable to hire a scribe.
Do the costs outweigh the benefits of medical scribes? An experienced scribe will improve your medical documentation, helping physicians stay organized and can even improve your revenue streams.

How much do medical scribes cost? Not as much as you think! Continue reading to learn more information and what you need to do to hire or outsource a scribe.

How Will Medical Scribe Financially Impact Your Clinic?

Whether you hire a medical scribe or outsource a scribing company, a medical scribe doesn't come free. While the medical scribe hourly rate varies, your clinic will need to ensure the funds are available to pay for scribing services.

Does that mean the financial impacts will negatively affect your business? If anything, medical scribing can help retain patients, increasing your revenue.
It's still recommended that physicians use proper ROI calculations. Take the amount you spend on scribing per day and compare this to your average daily revenue. We also have other advice to make your ROI on transcribing, which we will cover in another section.

How Will Medical Scribe Improve Your Clinic?

What are the advantages of hiring medical scribes? When you hire a scribe, physicians don't have to worry about taking notes during appointments. Physicians spend more time with patients, improving patient satisfaction.

Physicians and staff are also not working overtime to finish patient reporting. You and your staff don't have to worry about staying late in the office, working through lunch, or even working during the weekend.

Technology opens up the possibilities for improved scribing. Virtual medical scribes can live scribe during appointments and telehealth services. For non-live scribing, scribes still offer a fast turnaround time so physicians receive accurate documentation in a timely manner.

No matter what solution you choose, you can ensure charts are updated daily. All charts will be accurate and compliant, giving you one less thing to worry about.

How to Ensure You Make Your ROI

Are you interested in medical scribing but are not sure how to make your ROI? It's estimated that clinics will need to take on only one extra patient a day.
This is definitely reasonable; hiring or outsourcing a scribe will save you time, so you can book more patients in a day. Most providers don't realize by scheduling about one extra patient a day the cost of a medical scribe will be covered.

Are You Seeking Medical Scribe Help?

Medical scribe services will ensure charts are updated daily while maintaining accuracy and compliance. But many physicians aren't sure how medical scribing will impact their finances. As long as you're able to schedule one extra patient a day, medical scribing is definitely an affordable solution.

But you'll still want to be sure you're choosing the best scribe, especially if you're outsourcing. Are you ready to get started with professional scribing? Take a look at the services we offer!

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