What Is a Virtual Medical Scribe and How Can They Help Doctors?

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As a healthcare provider, do you feel like you are treating computers instead of patients? Requirements for documentation have grown across the decades. Providers must also have a dependable system in place to ensure accurate billing.

Have you heard of a virtual medical scribe? Did you know that using virtual medical scribing can save you time, money, and frustration? They can grant your wish of more direct patient care and less paperwork.

Keep reading to learn how this process works.

Difference Between a Scribe and a Transcriptionist

Medical transcription has been around for decades. Now, more healthcare professionals have begun using virtual medical scribes. It’s important to understand the difference.

Transcribers type the exact words they hear during a patient-provider interaction or from a dictated note. This is the same as what a court reporter does during a trial.

Medical scribes interpret medical conversations. They’re responsible for documenting all pertinent information discussed. A scribe also determines the appropriate codes needed for medical billing.

If the provider makes a referral, the scribe composes the reference letter. Thus, a scribe must possess extensive medical and coding knowledge.

What Is a Virtual Medical Scribe?

A virtual medical scribe performs their duties in real-time during patient-provider visits. They accompany the provider to all visits from a remote location via a computer. The virtual scribe takes care of electronic medical records (EHR) and clinical charting.

Impact on Patient Satisfaction

Using a virtual medical scribe allows providers to fully focus on the patient. This increases patient satisfaction because they feel heard and valued. The provider can work more efficiently which means they can see more patients in a day.

Improved provider efficiency also decreases patient wait times. No one likes sitting in the waiting room or the exam room for long periods of time.

The risk of missing something due to a split focus between the EHR and the patient decreases. Many malpractice lawsuits stem from documentation and order errors or misdiagnosis. Virtual scribes can help protect providers and patients.

Why Doctors Prefer Virtual Medical Scribes

You became a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, etc., to care for patients. Documentation is imperative to the healthcare process and accurate billing. Yet, no one likes to spend their time doing documentation.

At the end of each visit, the provider can review the consultation notes. This lets them make changes while the visit is still fresh on their mind. They can ensure the accuracy of the medical record as well.

Benefits for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Having a virtual scribe with medical billing code experience increases billing accuracy. During the patient visit, the scribe records diagnostic and treatment codes incurred.

At the end of the visit, there’s an accurate record of what went on in the exam room. This allows the patient and insurance company to receive a more detail account of the examination. 

Are You Ready to Incorporate a Virtual Medical Scribe into Your Practice?

Do you feel too tied to the computer during patient visits? Has this information about using a virtual medical scribe piqued your interest?

At Virtual Physician Scribes, we provide virtual scribe services for electronic medical records. This means they complete the medical documentation in the EHR for the provider. Each scribe has expertise in the medical field and follows the provider’s documentation orders.

Contact us today for a demonstration and a free pilot session.

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