How to Close Medical Charts in a Timely Manner Using a Virtual Scribe

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The medical field can get very busy, if you are a physician it is easy to put off some administrative tasks for another time. The closing of medical charts is one area in which many physicians find themselves lacking.
If medical charts are closed too late the results can literally take money from your pocket. This is why it is important to close your charts as soon as you are done with them. If you are strapped for time then the solution could very well be to use a virtual scribe.
Here is a look at how virtual scribes can help to ensure that you get paid.

1.The Importance of Scribes

Scribes are a great way to lift all the clerical burdens from your shoulders. When you use a scribe your documentation time will be decreased and this will help to prevent you from getting burnt out by all the paperwork you have to do.
However, while they are great for reducing physician's stress they do have their drawbacks. It can take a significant amount of your time to train a scribe. You may have difficulty synchronizing your hours with that of your scribe. There are times when vacation needs or family issues may disrupt the natural workflow.
Another major drawback of a scribe is the fact that your patients may be uncomfortable with having someone else in the room.

2. Virtual Scribe

A virtual scribe can ensure that your records are closed in a timely manner. While the virtual scribe is a relatively new idea it is one to consider since it makes productivity more possible.
A virtual scribe will listen in real-time to the patient's visit. They will then enter the information from the visit in a chart as directed by the doctor.
The scribe is usually in a remote location and using screen sharing technology in order to do several things. These include but are not limited to:
  • ordering prescriptions
  • locating labs
  • finding studies
  • entering orders
  • adding coding and billing information
All these things can be done remotely and at a cheaper cost than having a scribe physically present.

3. Timely Closing of Medical Charts and More

Medical charts being closed on time is one of the major benefits of having a virtual scribe. However, there are a myriad of other benefits.
When you employ a scribe you only need to pay them when they actually work. This means you save money. Another benefit is that you won't have to deal with the coordination of vacation and sick days.
Since the company you get the virtual scribe from is likely to have lots of scribes available to fit in whenever necessary.

Improve Your Workflow

Employing a virtual scribe is a great way to get your medical charts closed on time so that you don't lose money. An additional benefit of having a scribe is that you do not need to deal with having someone permanently on your staff.
You can pay for a scribe at those exact moments when you need one. This will cut costs. If you would like to know more about virtual scribes, please contact us.

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