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The healthcare ecosystem has multiple stakeholders, patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies. Virtual scribing creates a win-win scenario for all parties.
The patient feels better when they have their healthcare provider's undivided attention. They find it more productive to have a fully engaged doctor who listens to their concerns, whether it is an upcoming course of treatment, procedure, or diagnosis. Virtual scribing eliminates the need for doctors to divide their attention between listening to the patient and taking notes about the consultation.
Doctors prefer to allocate as much of their time to what they do best consulting, diagnosing, research, and performing procedures. They find the process of taking voluminous notes as a necessary impediment to the best use of their time. Virtual scribing ensures that doctors can allocate their time towards their core drive and away from mundane administrative activities. Virtual scribing frees up the doctors to see more patients every day, which is suitable for their practice growth. Virtual scribing also ensures that the doctors get their consultation notes right after the visit, which allows them to add or modify information while the consultation is fresh in their minds. Having a dedicated virtual scribe to take notes reduces the chances of omission or error and improves the details and accuracy of the progress note.
From a billing perspective, insurance companies prefer accurate and detailed notes that prevent erroneous disbursements for treatments. Error-free documentation reduces the chance of disputes or liabilities in the future.
Virtual scribing improves the outcome for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, leading to better experiences for doctors, lower costs, and faster turnaround times. To know more about how your healthcare organization can adopt Virtual scribing, please reach out to VPScribe for a demo and free pilot session.
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