Steps For Remote Computer Control:

Step 1 : Click to button [Need Support]
Step 2 :
  • A file named “TeamViewerQS” will be downloaded automatically
  • This is a single-use download for our tech team to initiate the process of remote control.
Step 3 :
  • Mac/MacBook/iOS/Safari -- Once the file has completed downloading, please double click on downloaded file
  • Windows/Chrome – Once the file has downloaded, it should appear on the bottom left of your screen. Simply click on the file name and it will open up the following window in Step 4
Step 4 :
  • The following window will open.

  • Once this window shows up on your screen, our support team will receive a notification and initiate a request for remote control of your system
Step 5 :
  • our support team requests for remote access, kindly click on “Allow” as shown below

Step 6 :
  • Sit back, relax, and let our support team do the rest!

Steps to Join a Zoom Meeting:

Step 1 :
  • When our support team initially sets up your computer for your trial, they will add the following icon on your desktop:

  • Once you log into your computer at the start of the day, locate the icon, and double click it.
Step 2 :
  • You will encounter a pop up about a file download. Please click on “Open”.

Step 3 :
  • This action automatically opens your browser – Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer(Edge)
  • Once you log into your computer at the start of the day, locate the icon, and double click it.
Step 4 :
  • Once your browser is open, the following webpage will show up with the following box:

  • (1) Please check mark the box to allow your browser to always open Zoom meetings this way.
  • (2) Please click on “Open Zoom Meeting”
  • It automatically downloads the zoom application on your computer and it automatically joins the meeting room.
Step 5 :
  • You will be redirected to the virtual waiting as shown below:

  • When you see this window, you are in the virtual waiting room. The scribe shall let you into the virtual meeting room shortly hereafter.
Step 6 :
  • Alternative: If you would not like to use the zoom app, you can join the meeting using your browser by clicking on the “Join from your browser” option at the bottom of the webpage as shown below:

Step 7 :
  • If you choose to join from your browser, the following window will load:

  • your name in Textbox and click on check mark the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, then click on the “Join” Button.
  • You will then enter the aforementioned virtual waiting room and the scribe will let you in.
  • How to find downloads on your Mac computer in 3 ways: