How to Keep Your Best Healthcare Employees in Your Clinic

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More than 4.5 million people left their jobs last year in the US alone. They're calling it the great resignation, affecting businesses in every sector of the economy.

Are you looking for ways to retain staff at your healthcare clinic? Here are some ideas that will help you keep your best employees happy.

Recognize Their Value

Healthcare employee engagement begins with asking them what they need in the workplace to make them feel more supported. Take the time to meet with your staff and thank them for their service. Talk to them about how things have changed over the past few years.

Look at how these changes have affected the duties in their positions. Consider making changes to their job description to reflect their new levels of responsibility. Recognize their achievements in person and public.

Make Their Workplaces Safer

Your healthcare workers are acutely aware of situations when they feel unsafe. Ask them for suggestions to make their workplaces safer. They will have some great ideas for solutions to the problem.

Any other professional worker would be provided with the appropriate safety equipment. If they need more masks or other PPE, ensure they have the supplies. If you want to retain healthcare workers, support them with the equipment they need.

Provide Tools To Help With Workload

Employee burnout is a real problem as everyone tries to get more done in the same amount of time. You can reduce the time your healthcare workers spend charting and taking notes by using a virtual scribe. Any tools to reduce workload will be welcome.

They can connect with a live scribe using Zoom, and the scribe will attend patient visits virtually. Your staff can save five minutes per patient on average.

Having someone take notes during patient visits reduces their stress and workload. It also allows them to focus on their patients. Ensure that any service you use is HIPAA compliant.

Create a Relaxing Space At Work

Employee retention in health care depends on making changes in your workplace to help them destress when needed. Provide counseling services that any employee can access on request. Mental health is one of the main reasons people leave a healthcare position.

Create a tranquil space onsite where staff can take breaks. Have meditation spaces and stock a fridge with healthy meals to nourish overworked staff. Use animal therapy to lift their spirits.

Motivate Them With Money

The single most motivating factor most employees mention is getting a raise. When you tie the raise to recognition for their work, it will help employees feel recognized and valued in a concrete way.

When an employee stays for an extended period, consider rewarding them with an annual bonus. You can tie the amount to their years of service or some other metric that allows you to reward your most valued staff. Another option is to give them gift certificates as a bonus.

Retain Your Best Employees

We can help your business operate more efficiently, which will reduce their workload. That will help you retain your best employees.

Contact Virtual Physician Scribes for a free trial of your dedicated virtual scribe. Let us help you with the work you shouldn't be doing so you can get back to doing the things you love.

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